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Carlos Iván Márquez : MUSIC PROJECTS


The Pulse Diaries volume 2

1. aggressive catharsis

2. alogia

3. when our memories were stolen from your mind

4. staring off into nothingness


The Pulse Diaries volume 1

1. in the playground

2. first act

3. you are not here

4. everybody is watching


Imagine a Legacy of Chaos - vol.1

1. this is how we say I love you

2. lost again

3. it's not what you think

4. the juggler

5. my distortion is better than yours on saturdays

6. another disturbing and creepy fashion show

7. it felt different the other day

8. I don't need the medicine

9. break time

10. stories of a dead rhythm


Imagine a Legacy of Chaos - vol.2

1. the art show

2. brain damage - part 1

3. I am just lazy

4. the runway is open

5. brain damage - part 2

6. the speakers are blue and my hands are yellow

7. after school, always a party

8. I can't sleep

9. trying to find peace

10. the dj left early 

11. this is not the correct way to end the party